Red Clay's combination of habanero peppers, peaches and wildflower honey is delicious over wings, fried chicken, ice cream, yogurt, granola and biscuits. 9oz. Made in South Carolina
Callies shortcake mix and strawberry basil or blueberry lavender jam
Callie's famous gluten free biscuit mix with 9.5 ounce strawberry basil jam or 9.5 oz blueberry lavender jam. Packaged in a decorative green gift box. 
Charleston's favorite biscuit, Callie's famous biscuit mix with locally made Sallie's strawberry basil and or blueberry lavender jam is the perfect way to brighten someone's day. 
Fresh cypress and juniper capture the woodsy fragrance of the holiday season in this locally hand-crafted wooden-wicked candle. 4 oz
Carolina Gold Rice Middlins, also known as rice grits, are broken and imperfect pieces of rice. They have the same smooth texture as polenta or porridge, but are thicker for sopping up gravy and sauces. Try in breads, porridge and rissoto. To cook use...
Legend has it that the ancestor of this rice was originally brought to Charleston in 1685 when the captain of a merchant ship paid for repairs with rice seed from Madagascar. Charleston Gold Rice is a hybrid between Carolina Gold Rice and a long-grain...
Join Charleston's favorite tour guide, Heyward the Horse, as he embarks on his newest adventure. Children of all ages will enjoy time travel back to the Revolutionary War and America's fight for independence as well as a trip through Charles Town Landing...
Local artisan magnets are the perfect keepsake to remember Charleston year-round. Choose from 5 unique designs including: Charleston Pineapple, Angel Oak,  Rainbow Row, Broad Street and Charleston Sailboat (coming soon). Magnets measure 3 inches by...
Can't decide between yellow and white grits? Try Marsh Hen Mill's heirloom mixture of white and yellow corn, stoneground on antique mills for the perfect creamy texture. Specks in the grits are called pins, which are the ends of the corn kernels where...
Charleston Harbor Spice by Red Clay is perfect for spicing up classic Lowcountry dishes like seafood boils and shrimp and grits. Ingredients: Salt, Red Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Celery Seed, Coriander, Sumac (Salt), Orange Peel, Fennel, Lemongrass,...
Sallie's Greatest Strawberry Basil jam is delicious over cream cheese, toast, bagels, and panini's. Also pairs well with Callie's Buttermilk Biscuit Mix or Callie's Shortcake Biscuit Mix. 9.5 oz jar.