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Habanero-Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Spicy habanero heat builds slowly with a refreshing lime finish making this extra virgin olive oil perfect for salsas, guacamole and dressings for fish, chicken and tacos. Hand-blended by Lowcountry Olive Oil. 375ml/12.5oz

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Habanero-Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This is my favorite oil.

Posted by Ángela Mackey on 19th Apr 2022

I use this oil for fish and shrimps to give it a little kick. I was kept abreast of delivery time frames. I wish the variety oils came in a bigger bottle.

Habanero lime olive oil

Posted by Unknown on 17th May 2020

Love this oil! Just enough heat tempered by the lime. I sauteed shrimp, served over rice with sauteed onion. Instant gourmet!

Add this to your hummus omg!!

Posted by Tracy on 19th May 2019

Our family adds this flavor plus smoked paprika to plain hummus and people freak out! (Except for the grandmother who doesn't like spicy!) just a touch of kick blends so well with the lime and adds to anything Mexican as well! Try this one!

Habanero -lime Olive oil

Posted by Jeanne on 30th Apr 2019

I love this oil. I sauté anything that I want to kick up a notch. I sauté pork tenderloin always with this spicy oil that adds jUst the right kick! .

Key to Cuisine

Posted by Wynelle on 28th Jul 2018

If I want to give anything a zingy delicious flavor I use this oil and instant gourmet level is achieved. From sauces, to pastas and veggies and meats. It is the perfect way to level up your cooking!

Habanero Lime Olive Oil

Posted by Doralee on 22nd Feb 2016

Great flavor profile! just the right amount of heat and flavor, especially for people that cannot handle high heat! Sautéed chicken is my favorite for a low spice chicken salad. This company has wonderful customer service and product shipped on time and the tracking of the product was just perfect. I highly recommend this company.

Another favorite of ours.

Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2016

We are cooking with this tonight. Great stand as well.

Just enough kick

Posted by Ray on 16th Dec 2015

I have probably bought more of this olive oil than any other. The habanero gives this just enough kick to spice things up, but not so much that you can't enjoy it. I have to temper this review by letting folks know that I can tolerate hot sauces more than most people!


Posted by Lee Mac on 30th Mar 2015

Amazing! We put this stuff on everything. Anything sautéed, stir fry, guacamole, eggs. Used as a base for steak, chicken and seafood marinades....the possibilities are endless. We make sure to never run out.