Carolina Gold Rice Middlins, also known as rice grits, are broken and imperfect pieces of rice. They have the same smooth texture as polenta or porridge, but are thicker for sopping up gravy and sauces. Try in breads, porridge and rissoto. To cook use...
Legend has it that the ancestor of this rice was originally brought to Charleston in 1685 when the captain of a merchant ship paid for repairs with rice seed from Madagascar. Charleston Gold Rice is a hybrid between Carolina Gold Rice and a long-grain...
Charleston Harbor Spice by Red Clay is perfect for spicing up classic Lowcountry dishes like seafood boils and shrimp and grits. Ingredients: Salt, Red Pepper, Smoked Paprika, Celery Seed, Coriander, Sumac (Salt), Orange Peel, Fennel, Lemongrass,...
Sallie's Greatest Strawberry Basil jam is delicious over cream cheese, toast, bagels, and panini's. Also pairs well with Callie's Buttermilk Biscuit Mix or Callie's Shortcake Biscuit Mix. 9.5 oz jar.
Callie's shortcake biscuit mix makes approximately one dozen biscuits, bag weighs 13oz (rounded up for shipping). View recipes here 
Delicious over blue cheese, warm biscuits or as a filling for white layer cakes. Hand-crafted in South Carolina. 9oz
Unicorn grits...made from one magical unicorn grown only on Edisto Island....no, not really. This unique blend of grits includes heirloom blue and Jimmy Red Corn results in a nutty popcorn sort of flavor with a pink hue which can be brightened by a...
This gluten-free flour is made from pecans that have been pressed for pecan oil. It can be used in making cookies, brownies or any other flour-based recipe. 1lb
Lillies of Charleston Lowcountry LOCO Hot Sauce Local, family-owned, Lillies sauces and dry rubs have been adding flavor to the Lowcountry since the 1950sFIREY HEAT AND A WHOLE LOT OF FLAVOR - Add a dash to chili, chicken, vegetables, wings and seafood...
Callie's of Charleston's famous buttermilk biscuit mix is now available in a gluten-free form. Makes 12 light, fluffy, mouth-watering biscuits. Just add butter, cream cheese and buttermilk. 
In 2005 Carrie Morey Founded Callie's with the goal of making her mother, Callie's, tender buttery made-by-hand biscuits accessible accessible across the country.  Simply incorporate butter, cream cheese and buttermilk with one bag of...
Geechie Boy cornmeal is made from locally grown corn finely ground in antique mills. Red and blue varieties are made from heirloom corn. Surprise your friends or family with red or blue cornbread or cornbread stuffing! Each bag weighs 1.5lbs...