Gingerbread Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer is a seasonal treat handcrafted by Bittermilk Cocktail Company of Charleston. Contains Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Sorghum Molasses, Fresh Ginger Juice, Orange Peel, Spices, Cinchona Bark, Tartaric Acid. 8.5 ounces...
A medium heat blend of peaches and habanero. Try in marinades, tacos or cornbread. Pair with Marsh Hen Cornmeal for gift giving.  A South Carolina product. 6oz
South Carolina Certified Pumpkin Spice Infused Honey from Edisto Gold Honey Co in Branchville, SC. Raw, unfiltered honey infused with organic pumpkin spices harvested from bees on the banks of the Edisto River. Drizzle over pancakes, biscuits, granola...
Locally crafted by Bittermilk Co. this smoked honey whisky sour mix is smoked over bourbon barrel staves with lemon and ginger. Add bourbon for a classic cocktail or tequila for a Smoked Honey Margarita. 12oz. 
Crunchy, chocolaty coco crispy cookies perfect with coffee or tea. Made locally by Old Colony Bakery. 5oz
The flavor of peaches and roasted pecans in a crunchy tea cookie. Made locally by Old Colony Bakery. 5oz
15 ounces of Benne wafers, Charleston's original sesame tea cookie from Olde Colony bakery. Packaged in a gold tin, perfect for gifting. 
A locally made assortment of Olde Colony Cookie including Benne Wafers, Ginger Cookies, Leila’s Lemon Snaps, Carolina Key Lime Cookies,Pete’s Pecan Pinches, Razzberry Sassies and Colony’s Coco Crisps. Gift boxed.
To those "from off" Chow Chow may be a foreign food, but to native Charlestionians its almost a delicacy. Mrs. Sassard's Family recipe dates back to 1917.  Try this spicy sweetened relish blend over BBQ Pork or straight out of the jar! ...
Enjoy fresh South Carolina peaches year-round in these preserves. Use on meats, charcuterie boards, and biscuits. Pair with Callies Biscuit Mix for a perfect Charleston gift. Mrs. Sassard's family recipe dates back to 1917. 10oz
Made with a combination of jalapeno and green bell peppers, this jelly is delicious as a spread on cream cheese and crackers, on charcuterie boards and as a glaze for meats. Mrs. Sassard's has been a household staple in Charleston since 1917.  10 oz
Mrs. Sassard's has been dressing Charleston's favorite dishes since 1917. Try this sweet tangy relish over sausages, burgers, egg salad, crab cakes and more! contains wheat flour. 15 ounce jar.